Claims Handling Approach

Keeping your costs down by helping you avoid or reduce liability claims

We do not just insure your risk, we take an active role in handling your claims, because the sooner we can establish the factual basis of the claim, the sooner we can find the best possible solution.

  • Rigorous – Elementary, my dear Watson
    In investigating claims, we follow the methods of Sherlock Holmes: rigorous, systematic, determined and highly perceptive, with an eye for detail and a sense of urgency. We take nothing for granted. We seek out the facts, and apply our knowledge to get a favourable resolution as quickly as possible. We are able to call on our worldwide network of correspondents, surveyors, lawyers and other experts to deal with local emergencies, collect evidence and provide local knowledge, including legal advice.
  • Fast – Time is of the essence
    We are well aware that the time available for investigating a claim is often limited. That is why we move fast, taking a proactive approach to safeguarding your interests, promoting rapid communications between all parties involved, acting pragmatically, and unravelling the case as quickly as possible.
  • Proactive – Risk prevention
    We are aware that the best way to keep your costs low is by providing an active service in risk and loss prevention. As such, even when no claims are pending, we work together with you to see how we can reduce your exposure to risk; for example, by tightening up clauses in Charter Parties, Bills of Lading or other contracts.
  • In-house – Everything under control
    We do not outsource claims work: all claims are dealt with by our own in-house claims professionals. They are able to deal with claims on their merits and can call on our global network of experts for assistance. This gives better control and avoids the cost of engaging external parties unnecessarily.
  • No discrimination – all clients are equal
    We treat every client equally, providing the same level of service to all.
  • Secure – Financial protection
    We provide cover up to USD 1 billion with A-rated security.