Marine Defence

In the event of a dispute, whether it arises under the Charter Party, or independently in relation to the cargo carried on your chartered vessel, you will probably need legal advice and support, as well as help with any costs and expenses. That is why RaetsMarine’s Marine Defence Insurance (also known as Freight, Demurrage and Defence insurance, or FD&D) is specially designed to provide you with the following:

  • Cover of your own costs, including external lawyers and independent investigators

  • Cover of the claimant’s costs, in the event that you are required by the court to pay them

  • Advice and support from the highly qualified legal professionals on our claims-handling team

Expert advice

Whenever you place a claim, we draw on our own, in-depth knowledge of shipping and chartering to find a solution, following every development of your claim in a process that we call ‘hands-on steering’. The expert staff at our Support Desk willinvestigate your case, collect background information as well as first-hand facts and evidence, to bring your claim to a satisfactory conclusion as quickly as possible.

Key areas of cover

RaetsMarine’s Marine Defence Insurance offers a limit of up to USD 5 million for reasonable legal costs and expenses that arise from disputes in the following areas:

  • Claims or disputes arising under the Charter Party, the Bill of Lading, or a separate contract regarding the insured vessel, including hire and off-hire, dead freight, detention, lay time, demurrage and despatch

  • Supplies for the insured vessel

  • Charges, disbursements and accounts from those you employ as a charterer (including stevedores, brokers and agents, as well as from customs officials and harbour authorities)

  • The loss of, damage to, or detention of the insured vessel

  • Contributions or charges to either general or particular average

  • Salvage or towage services rendered to the insured vessel

Any representation that you require for official investigations or other inquiries in relation to the insured vessel.